Political Books Everyone Should Read at Least Once


The first publication was in the year 1968. The Reason Foundation publishes the magazine. The foundation which focuses on advancing individual choice, less government interference, and friendly policies. The magazine’s research areas are air traffic control, urban traffic, and congestion control, housing, police raids, medical marijuana, free trade, globalization, and communications. Reason.com is updated daily with articles on current issues facing the country either politically or socially including current developments in culture. Away from that reason is a four-time national magazine award nominee and a webby award nominee. Most of the reason readers are the print circulation while a small portion is the digital readers.

The Weekly Standard

friendly policiesThe standard magazine is an American conservative magazine that has around forty-eight publications a year. The standard was debuted on 18th September 1995 by its founding publisher; news corporation. The magazine is available both in printed form and in the subscription at $5.99. The editor is Stephen F. It is in Washington DC. Readers of the weekly magazine can read it on their phones, iPad, tablets anytime by downloading the application. The magazine has a great influence in the states. The discussions on the magazines are on politics and culture. All the political issues of each day are put in the magazine depending on their relevance.

The Foreign Policy

It is one of the oldest magazines in the United States. Its initial objective was to focus on global matters and to enlighten all readers about prevailing issues at that time in history. Today, the difference is more or less the same. It is in Washington DC, and its founders are Samuel P. Huntington, Warren Demian Manshel. They also write on nuclear weapons especially in countries like Iran, Russia, Afghanistan and some of the problems experienced globally or internally.

The International Jerusalem Post

The International Jerusalem PostAs the name suggests, the magazine covers issues affecting Israel including their rocky relationship with their neighboring countries and other news. The magazine is a government newspaper based in Jerusalem and was found in 1932 during the British Mandate of Palestine by Gershon Agron. It changed its name in 1950 to the Jerusalem Post. It supported the Jewish struggle as the magazine was the most effective means of promoting influence.

The Week

The Week magazine is a weekly news magazine with editions in the united states and united kingdoms. The British publication of the magazine came out in 1995, and the American edition began in 2001. The week was founded in the United Kingdom by Jolyon Cornell in 1995. The week has published children’s edition since November 2015.the magazine only takes the best of the online writer’s articles and edits it before posting it on their website, or printing. Some of the stories featured are arts, exhibitions, books, theatre, films, sports, people, properties, recipes, and travels.