WCRP Committees

Working Comittees Areas of Responsibilities Meetings / Events

2015-2016 Committee Structure

The Executive Committee was elected at the Williamson County Republican Party Convention on February 24, 2015.  During a spring strategic planning session and executive committee meeting, this new committee structure was created and approved.  Beginning in June 2015, all members of the WCRP have the opporunity to volunteer to serve on one or more working committees. Please contact the Chairman or Executive Director with your committee interests.

Fundraising CC membership, social & networking events, donor relationships

As needed / CC, quarterly

Community Education and Outreach Voter registration, platform education, gov't & legislative forums, serving in the community As needed / quarterly
Membership Recruitment and Development Membership growth at all levels during membership drive and year-round, providing membership networking opportunities, annual summer mtg and family event As needed / 3-4 each year
Governance / Infrastructure Financial mgmt., bylaw updates/revision and questions, election laws, mgmt of database and property Quarterly, mtgs only
Communications / Media / Campaigns Quarterly newsletter, press conferences, media releases, social media, recruiting and vetting candidates, election data As needed / as needed

                        ** An Advisory Committee is being appointment by the Chairman with the purpose of relationship building, planning for the future and assisting with volunteer recruitment.