Advisory Council

The WCRP Advisory Council   

Williamson County Republican Party Chairman Appoints an Advisory Council and Five Committees Have Been Created for WCRP Membership.

During a spring strategic planning session and several recent monthly meetings, the WCRP Executive Committee established a new committee structure in an effort to engage more Republicans in the Party and be more productive in reaching and educating voters.

The WCRP Advisory Council serves to make recommendations and provide key information to the Party, and this appointed group plays an important public relations role as well as will be sharing a fresh perspective on community and election-related issues and the business of the WCRP.

According to WCRP Chairman, Julie Hannah Taleghani, " Williamson County is brimming with underutilized talent and resources, and this Advisory Council is a collection of individuals who will contribute unique knowledge and skills to the Party and is reflective of the diversity within our Williamson County Republican Party. In order to go from good to great, we start not with ˜where' but with ˜who'.

The new WCRP committee structure has five committees: Community Outreach & Education, Membership Recruitment & Development, Communications & Campaigns, Fundraising, and Governance & Infrastructure.

Julie also said, "We need the time and talent of Republicans throughout Williamson County as we prepare for the March 1 primary election and the 2016 fall elections of our country's next president and future state and local leadership. Please consider joining our team at the Williamson County Republican Party and volunteering to serve on one of our committees. 

(not pictured:Derek Smith, Nathan Buttrey and Chairman Julie)