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Thus, it isn't just about one person making a difference, or even one
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Do You Know About the
Williamson County Tax Increase?

From the Chairman, Julie Hannah

I attended the recent July meeting of the Williamson County Commission in hopes of better understanding the intentions of such a large proposed tax increase. I didn't think the answer should be to only shift more of the burden back on taxpayers. Even with the efforts by eight of our County Commissioners, a budget was approved with expenditures increasing at a faster rate than revenues and then almost a 20% tax increase to cover that difference. Of course, in our private homes and businesses, you and I can't do that.

We are the Party of government reform, and it should be our intention to provide better services while also improving management of resources. Republicans want to rethink and restructure government. We appreciate the 'no' vote by eight County Commissioners.  That vote said 'we haven't yet done enough to come-up with additional revenue sources, and until we do so, let's hold hold-off on some expenses in order to prevent such a large tax increase'. 

Please join me in thanking these County Commissioners.

Sherri Clark, District 9
Kathy Danner, District 4
Jeff Ford, District 6
Ricky Jones, District 1
Todd Kaestner, District 9
Gregg Lawrence, District 4
Brandon Ryan, District 11
Barb Sturgeon, District 8

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