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PRESS RELEASE - Presidential Candidate Straw Poll Results Announced

February 26, 2016, 10 pm
Senator Ted Cruz announced as winner in the Williamson County
Republican Party's Reagan Dinner Celebration and straw poll, the
largest verifiable straw poll in Tennessee.


The Williamson County Republican Party hosted its Reagan Dinner Celebration
as a Pre-Primary Party At Reagan's Ranch in Franklin on the night of Friday,
February 26. In addition to representation from all remaining Republican
candidates, the Party welcomed Dr. Ben Carson to speak at his first large-scale
event following the final debate before Super Tuesday. The evening, emceed by
Williamson County's own Congressman Marsha Blackburn, featured live
entertainment and informational speeches from four campaigns.

At the conclusion of the event WCRP Chairman Julie Hannah said the following:
"Williamson County and its residents act as a strong indicator of Tennessee's
overall pulse for the upcoming Republican Presidential Preference Primary on
Super Tuesday, and we are so pleased to be able to provide a verifiable result
of what is this election season's largest straw poll in Tennessee. Chairman
Hannah continued, "The difference tonight between first and third was only 3.22%, a sign of the closeness in the electorate for the hundreds of thousands of ballots still to be cast, and the work left to be done by campaigns.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished first with 29.3% of the vote. Florida Senator
Marco Rubio finished second with 28.76% and New York businessman Donald
Trump finished third with 26.08%. The second question on the poll asked who
the second choicen for attendees would be”Senator Rubio lead the way with
20.97%. Senator Cruz was second with 20.7% and Donald Trump was third
with 18.55%.

Chairman Hannah said, "We were honored to host Dr. Ben Carson tonight
during such a pivotal time in the campaign, and are thankful to all the
candidates for providing representation at the event”educating voters and
increasing turnout in the primary this upcoming Tuesday is our overarching
goal, and we feel confident in saying that our event tonight made strides at
accomplishing that.

Final vote counts: 
Cruz: 109 (29.3%)
Rubio: 107 (28.76%)
Trump: 97 (26.08%)
Carson: 40 (10.75%)
Kasich: 15 (4.03%)
Total votes: 372 accounted for during the counting and verification process

(431 ballots were generated / 26 ballots issued and not returned / 33 ballots were not even picked-up)

Chairman Hannah concluded by saying that, "In this election year, the
Republican Party has garnered diverse support, and we will rally to support
the eventual nominee as a broader and stronger Republican Party.


October 28, 2015

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

"Congratulations Mayor Moore, Alderman Petersen, Alderman Bransford, Alderman Blanton, and Alderman Barnhill.  They each worked hard. A special thanks needs to be given to the people of Franklin that did their civic duty to vote, even in the nasty weather.

However, it's terribly disappointing that more Franklin residents didn't vote today.  The WCRP's efforts during the last six weeks to educate the public about issues and candidates in the two contested races of this election was done so in hopes of more people choosing to participate during a very off-year election on a day with no other races than these for the City of Franklin.  Many of you volunteered your time, resources and talents, and we appreciate you.

The WCRP will be very supportive of the ENTIRE Board of Alderman, and I hope that we can continue discussion on the important issues Franklin is facing."



September 18, 2015

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 22, and the WCRP has planned a different type of voter registration drive.
"In an effort to increase voter participation among younger adults in our community and in hopes of catching the attention of our newer citizens that haven't yet moved their voter registration, the Williamson County Republican Party is having a fun and different type of voter registration this Tuesday evening, said Julie Hannah Taleghani, WCRP Chairman.  She explained that volunteer professional photographers and owners of WestLight Studios have donated their time and resources to take head shots and provide a digital copy of the selected picture that can then be used for professional and social media purposes by the participants that show-up Tuesday evening at their Franklin studio. This is a value of $250, and it will be each participant's gift for just taking a few minutes to register to vote or move your voter registration to your new address.  

"The citizens of Williamson County consistently rank in the top three or four counties in Tennessee in voter participation for Federal and State elections and we want to continue that trend by encouraging everyone to register to vote or change their address in a timely manner to avoid any problems when you go vote in the upcoming 2016 elections says Chad Gray, Administrator of Elections for Williamson County.



September 17, 2015

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

15 candidates took the stage at the Reagan Library and showed us exactly why Republicans have the momentum going into 2016.

"The Williamson County Republican Party is ready to elect a conservative to the White House in 2016, said Julie Hannah Taleghani, WCRP Chairman.  About 125 Republicans gathered at the Cool Springs Embassy Suites last night to watch the second debate together.  The room was filled by local and state elected officials and grassroots volunteers from counties across Tennessee.  

According to WCRP Chairman, Julie Hannah Taleghani,  "Unlike the Democrats; our party is giving voters a real choice as to who our party nominee for president will be, and the enthusiasm at last night's event was apparent that we are ready to work together to reclaim America.

The event was co-hosted by Latino's for Tennessee and the Tennessee Republican Minority Coalition.

Event guests were given the opportunity to participate in a straw poll, and the results are:
1st) Cruz
2nd) Carson
3rd) Fiorina
4th) Tied - Rubio and Trump



August 25, 2015 - Your coverage is invited.

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

The Williamson County Republican Party Welcomes U.S. Senator Bob Corker Today.

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is meeting with the membership of the Williamson County Republican Party later today.   He will also briefly speak and then open the floor to questions.

According to WCRP Chairman, Julie Hannah Taleghani,  "The enthusiasm of conservatives in Williamson County is getting noticed by Republicans across the nation and Tennessee, and we are appreciative that our U.S. Senator wants to take time to discuss important issues with us.

In 2012, Tennesseans overwhelmingly elected Bob Corker to his second term in the U.S. Senate, where he serves as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and is an active member of the Banking Committee and Budget Committee.

Membership Meet & Greet
with U.S. Senator Bob Corker
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

Westhaven Residence Club
401 Cheltenham Avenue
Franklin, TN 37064

Light refreshments will be served.



July 7, 2015 

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

You are Invited to the Summer Meeting and Family Event of the Williamson County Republican Party.

Congressman Marsha Blackburn, State Senator Jack Johnson, State Representative Charles Sargent, State Representative Glen Casada, and State Representative Jeremy Durham will be speaking this Sunday at 4 pm at Green's Grocery in Leiper's Fork to Republicans throughout Williamson County in an effort to engage more Republicans in the Party and build community.

Following the meeting, the Austin Brother's Band featuring State Senator Jack Johnson will perform and summer favorites such as ribs, chicken-on-a-stick and burgers will be available for purchase from the grill.  Plus, there will be activities in the back yard for families to enjoy together.

According to WCRP Chairman, Julie Hannah Taleghani, "Sunday's event is an opportunity to get our Republican family together for a casual evening, and we welcome individuals and families throughout the County to join us, even if you aren't typically  politically involved in the community. There is plenty of work to be done before the March 1 presidential primary election and all of the 2016 elections, so let's have some fun together first.   

Green's Grocery is the restored grocery store that was transformed into a music venue by entrepreneur and philanthropist Aubrey Preston, and it is located on the solitary street of Old Hillsboro Road that runs through the historic town of Leiper's Fork in Southwest Williamson County.

Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4 pm
Green's Grocery, 4345 Old Hillsboro Road, Leiper's Fork, TN 37064
For Additional Event Information:



June 17, 2015

Julie Hannah Taleghani, Williamson County Republican Chairman

The Williamson County Republican Party Continues Community Outreach and Membership Building by Implementing a Student Price Membership Level.

At June's Executive Committee Meeting of the Williamson County Republican Party, the decision was made to add a fifth membership level with a reduced price of $20 for current students.  This annual membership will be effective for one year from payment date and with proof of enrollment in any level of education with a Student ID.

Other levels of WCRP annual membership include: individual at $35, family at $50, sustaining at $100, and Chairman's Circle at $1000/couple.  There are multiple benefits to each different level of membership.  However, all members, no matter their membership level have the opportunity to serve on one or more of the new working committees, will receive member-only communication, have engagement opportunities with local, state and federal elected officials throughout the year, and can get reduced prices at some WCRP events.

According to WCRP Chairman, Julie Hannah Taleghani, "A growing and active membership increases the organization's person power.  Your ideas and talents are needed as we educate our neighbors and prepare for the presidential and other competitive elections of 2016.  For additional information about the WCRP, please visit their website often at